March/April 2024

March/April 2024 Issue Preview

March/April 2024 Issue Preview

If you’re in need of some late winter/early spring organization solutions for your home, our new issue features three projects you can build to help tidy up beautifully. We’re also pleased to unveil a couple of all-new lathes from Rockler, in case woodturning is on your agenda for 2024:

Dovetailed Printer Stand: Stack a printer, scanner and ream of paper in the same footprint you’d need for just one of these items otherwise! Here’s an excellent excuse to brush up on your hand-cut dovetailing skills, too.

Arts & Crafts-inspired Bookcase: Longleaf pine takes this sturdy Prairie design in a fresh, new direction. Or build this practical project from any wood species that suits your fancy.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers:¬†Many drawers suffer from wasted space or outright clutter because their interiors aren’t partitioned effectively. Our knife block and utensil tray can help you bring a bit of order to the chaos.

Advanced Power Tool Techniques: Loose-tenon joinery is faster to produce than traditional mortise-and-tenon options, and you can build these joints with a variety of common tools. A.J. Hamler covers the options.

Tool Preview: Rockler’s new 10-18 Mini and VS 12-24 Midi lathes can get your new woodturning hobby off to a great start, affordably and conveniently. Learn more about them here and in our “More on the Web” video.

Shop Talk: Greenville Woodworking Guild members share some 20,000 square ft of shop space for fellowship, outreach, education and, of course, great woodworking!

Tricks of the Trade: Fellow readers share their tips for at-a-glance storage solutions, saving wasted electricity and improving miter gauge handling.

Stumpers: Guessers uncover the purpose of our December Stumpers item and put this mystery to bed.

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